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We love t-shirt printing

We learned from the past

We love design and printing. And we print it on t-shirt to wear it everyday. In 2005 we created Carbontees, a Threadless-like website where users can submit their design, get votes and printed.

We received overwhelming support Carbontees became famous for a while. Unfortunately, other commitmaents has brought the business to a halt and it was shut down in 2007.


A new beginning

After involving in other businesses, we thought that we still deeply love t-shirt printing. After 10 years, a lot of things has changed. The internet becomes faster, everybody owns PC and smartphones now.

Over times, we did some printing for friends that needed our expertise. Some of our friends asked us if they could print t-shirt for themselves. Some of them wanted their own t-shirt, but don’t really know how to design, even use design software.

So we thought that it would be a great idea to create a platform where everybody can design on their own, and print their individual items. Thus, Print Alley was born in 2015.

What makes us different?

We are not just any company, just any printer.

Our passion in printing and creating products has brought us back together, leaving our previous jobs and started this thing.

Our goal is to create the EASIEST platform where ANYONE can be a designer and design their own product. Its either you’re designer, art director, pizza delivery guy, guitarist, or just a person who needs a mug at the office, we wan’t to help you to achieve that.

You won’t receive anything other than the best service possible – the best technical solution, the friendliest support, the highest quality products, and the smoothest shipping process.